Speaker/Moderator Engagements

September 9, 2019: RISE Executive Think Tank at the RISE West Summit Focus on Practical Innovation on Practical Innovation in Healthcare

May 17-18, 2019: Madison Memorial Leadership Retreat - Teton Springs Resort

February 11-12, 2019: Speaker, YJP CEO Healthcare Symposium - NY

February 11-12, 2019: Moderator, YJP CEO Healthcare Symposium - NY
“Innovation in Healthcare”

February 12-13, 2018:  CEO Healthcare Symposium - NY 
"The State of the Industry and Predictions for the Future"

May 1-2, 2018:  CEO Healthcare Symposium - NY
"Precision Medicine and Its Influence on Clinicians/Payers"

September 20, 2018:  Hospital Leaders Forum - NY
"State of the Industry, Future Trends and Leadership in Healthcare"

October 29-30, 2018:  CEO International Conference - Tel Aviv, Israel
"Innovation: Staying Ahead of Your Competition"

November 13-14, 2018:  Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Symposium - NY
"Precision Medicine" and "Cell Therapy"

Engagements Prior to 2018

December 3, 2015: Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Industry Advisory Board, Boise State University, Micron Business and Economics Building
“Healthcare in the Age of Disruption”  

Feedback: Madison Memorial Leadership Retreat

"Dr. Reider's presentation was both interesting and interactive. His depth of knowledge in healthcare leadership is readily apparent. Our strategic planning session was more meaningful because of his guidance." — Dr. Justin Lamb, Chief of Staff 

“I noticed right away that Dr. Reider had done his homework so he would know a little something about people involved in the meeting. He made his way through clusters of people and very naturally took interest and socialized with ease.  Based on the insights he shared, he is cognizant of current challenges in healthcare, but he does not allow that to limit his vision of the future and what healthcare can become.  He was able to weave together thoughts expressed by Board Members, physicians, and administrators in a constructive way. I was really impressed by Dr. Reider.” — Troy Christensen, CFO 

“Health care is such a rewarding and challenging business to lead. Board retreats are a vital organizational function to ensure your hospital has a strong business strategy tailored to the local community. There are many methods and consultants willing to assist with this process. Madison Memorial Hospital chose to utilize a premiere health care expert, Dr. Rodney Reider, who could provide us with a view of our organization from his years of experience as a CEO.

Dr. Reider and team provided an engaging, educational presentation that steered us to think of our organization in a new way. Having the education and external view of your organization from a leader like Dr. Reider is a true opportunity for the board to analyze its direction and leadership from an extrinsic perspective. Dr. Reider provided a mixture of an assessment of our hospital (strengths and some extremely helpful ideas to help us enhance our success) and strong health care delivery system education.

This was one of our more productive retreats. It was a pleasure to see how quick Dr. Reider gained the respect of the people in the room. His inclusive and interactive style encouraged participation from a diverse group of personalities. It was evident of high level of custom work and care put into the preparation and execution of the meeting.

Do not choose a typical board retreat in today’s need for redefining health care. Choose to have another CEO expert provide a view of your organization and share salient ideas of opportunities. Have the courage to use an expert who can help you grow.” — Dr. Rachel Gonzales